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Our test model for quality

Quality Assurance is simply a way to assure quality in the product.  It is the set of activities that ensure suitable processes, procedures as well as standards for projects and its correct implementation.

At Bespoque, quality assurance processes work parallel to development of a product. It focuses on improving the process of development of product so that problems can be prevented before they become a major issue. Quality Assurance is an Umbrella activity that is applied throughout our production process.

How We Test at Bespoque.

Our practices are implemented in most types of product development, regardless of the underlying software development model being used. Bespoque incorporates and implements testing methodologies to test the product. Rather than checking for quality after completion, our processes test for quality in each phase of development, until the product is complete. At Bespoque the product development process moves into the next phase only once the current/previous phase complies with the required quality standards.

Here is how we do it:

  • Preparation The first major step is preparation. We consult with our development team and prepare the necessary test plan for the drill. All the test plan are created according to the SRS and eventually we develop all possible test scenarios.
  • Test Execution With the plan settled, we move towards real testing. The tests are executed in a controlled environment and various software testing methodologies are used to ensure a better quality of testing(catching more bugs).
  • Reporting Bugs The next step is to enter bug reports in the online system for tracking and resolving purposes. The bug fixes are reported to the development team and the changes are made accordingly.
  • Fixing Bugs For us, this last step is our salvation. The detection of bugs is important, but fixing them and making sure that no new bugs enter the system is what makes us unique.

We do the testing process several times during development to make sure that error propagation is minimal and doesn’t require us to change a hefty amount of code to make improvements.


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We specialise in more than one testing methodology which are:

User Interface test

Code testing is important, but the system is not the actual user. The actual user is residing in the open and needs to take a dig on the system for further evaluation. The ease of use, the workflow, and other small interaction needs to be checked before making the final call. Without proper user experience, the tool is useful in most of the cases and it is also a good idea to study the audience before doing the user interface test.

UI testing helps to unearth the following aspects of the end-product:

  • Is the end-product according to the client’s requirement?
  • Is the user interface free from any bugs or workflow errors?
  • Is the user experience good?

Navigation Test
Navigation Test is done to make sure that the workflow of the users doesn’t break. The navigation test is also carried out to test the compatibility of the hardware with the product. With correct navigation tests, quality is ensured and the end-product is released.

Usability Test
The usability test is more inclined on the end-user. End users are the real players here. Without them, the product will mean nothing. In this test, the end-product is tested in a more practical environment and we also make sure that communication is maintained for better feedback about the system.

Network Test
Network tests are done to make sure the end product works in all network types including 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. This test is important for products that utilize the network to send and receive information.

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