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improving the overall quality and turnaround time for lenders and borrowers

In our today’s world of continuous financial transformation, loan providers search for a modern and technologically advanced loan management system that automates key process easing the rigors and increasing the efficiency of loan applications, collection and repayment. Investing in an LMS is the best way to improve the overall quality and turnaround time for both lenders and borrowers.

At Bespoque, our loan management software is modular, giving you the options of adopting the entire loan management workflow or a specific feature such as loan origination, decision making, repayment etc. All the modules are API based allowing for flexibility in innovating your own loan process and for easy integration your system. We manage loans issued out, track them, provide varying rates of interest, monitor payment dates, calculate and apply late fees to account and collect payment via multiple means. Bespoque Loan Management solution comes with the following features:

Debts are nowadays like children begot with pleasure, but brought forth in pain.


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Loan Decision Making

automated decision making on credit worthiness of a customer; whether to approve a loan or reject. If loan is to be approved, also handles the assessment of customers to know the amount of credit that should be issued.


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Loan Repayment

This being the most important aspect of loan management to loan providers, our solution comes with a lots of innovation that automates this process in the best possible ways. Supports multiple repayment options (credit card, wire transfers etc). The efficiency of the other features of our software reduces to a high level the risk of non-repayment.

Loan Recollection

Our special loan recollection formula employs AI based frameworks to determine when to send a reminder notification to the borrower using a customer behavior data from history, also decides when to send the penalty wave off offer or when to send a legal threat.

Reports and Analytics

Get the reports you need to monitor your cash flow. Provides regular insights through discovering, interpretation, communication, and reports on different aspects of loans and repayments. Other features are; special communication tools to market new services or any improvement on the existing features to current and existing customers, safeguarding of customers’ data on the cloud and to remain regulatory compliant.


  • Automates key processes.
  • Fraud check point – the use of customers’ Pan No. that automatically traces fraudulent customers that tries to open account with another name.
  • Cost and Future Maintenance – our LMS is highly efficient in management of high volume of transactions and data at very reasonable price. The software and server comes in different ranges, giving you options to go for what you can afford and yet effective.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Highly secured operations

Loan types we cover

  • All unsecured under the following loan types:
  • Personal loans
  • Student loans
  • Pay day loans
  • Commercial loans


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