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Smart Tax Solution

Revenue generation is predominantly generated from taxation and that is why the effective automation of tax collection process should be accurately documented with little or no error and most importantly, transparency. We not only automate payment and revenue collection processes but also modify them to improve efficiency and deliver optimum results.

OUR MISSION is to help our clients become higher performing businesses/organisations by applying excellence and innovation in the provission of affordable enterprise solutions.



Manages all collections in a secure, efficient and seamless manner ensuring there are no leakages

  • Integrated with payment gateways for real-time collection
  • Confirm payments from the banks from the revenue house manager (RHM).
  • Monitoring, dynamic reporting and reconciliation

Tax Audit

Reviews Taxpayers records to ascertain compliance. With improved taxpayer records, compliance tracking and enforcement is enhanced.

  • Uploads documents from other units for further investigation
  • Portfolio manager
  • Allocates and monitors the progress of each audit process
  • Generates reports and audit trails

PIT (PAYE/Direct assessment) 

we make available self-service tools, for self-assessment and online payment of all informal sector taxes.

  • Manage assessment portfolio
  • Track taxpayer statuses from assessments, meetings, schedules, e.t.c.
  • Generate Demand Notices
  • Assess taxpayers
  • Confirm payments from the banks
  • Generate reports
  • Generates audit trails

Human Resources

This is a seamless process, from recruitment to human development and managing of the most valuable asset of your organization and Staff. Efficient management of expenses and payroll.

  • Monitoring and approving leave applications
  • Managing payroll
  • Manage recruitments
  • Promotions
  • Postings


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Manages the legal Unit’s portfolio. Easy case management with the features of uploading case documents, allocating cases and monitoring case statuses to keep the department informed.

  • Upload/download potential cases
  • Allocates cases and tasks
  • Task scheduler
  • Allocates tasks and cases internally and externally
  • Monitors cases statuses as well as tasks
  • Plans and schedules cases, meetings, appointments, court dates e.t.c
  • Generates reports
  • Files and stores up previous cases, and correspondence, statements, meeting notifications e.t.c


Road Taxes

harmonizes revenue generated from vehicle regis­­­­­trations.

  • Collection and update of vehicle records,
  • Costing
  • Payment verification,
  • Printing vehicle registration documents.



streamlining collections across all ministries, departments and agencies MDAs to include devices to ease real time collections and reporting.

Taxpayer Registration Application (mobile)

this includes Mobile / Web Application deployed on devices for easy taxpayer registration to hasten the Joint Tax Board TIN process.


Software Development

Process Analysis


IT Training

IT Project Management

Enterprise Planning



IGR Automation System

Education Management System

Hospital Management System

Manufacturing Process Management

Transport Business Process & Fleet Management