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EMR + Hospital Management

Hospital Management Solution HMS delivers excellent primary health care-central to overall medical care-demands that providers have the necessary information when they give care. Providers’ and patients’ information and decision support needs can be satisfied only if health care providers use electronic medical records. Substantial benefits realizable through routine use of electronic medical records include improved quality, safety, and efficiency, along with increased ability to conduct, educate and research.

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  • Doctor Scheduling
  • SMS reminder alerts to patients on appointments. Pre-registration of bulk corporate patients or insurance patients
  • Registration
  • Display outside doctor’s chamber regarding patients in waiting.
  • Printing of smart cards, bar codes, plastic cards with patient photos, Interface to Digital Signature Devices and Queue Management System
  • Automatic requisitions for MRD case file and tracking of case files
  • Billing and Collection (Patient category based rate plans, multiple rate plans for corporate, insurance and government schemes, deposit          collection, discounts based on authorization of various people, day book reports)
  • Conversion of cash bills to credit bills, bills reopening by authorized people
  • Patient payments collection using different payment modes
  • Entry of triage information by nurses
  • Doctor Consultation (Doctor examination notes, ICD Coding,
  • Prescription of Drugs, Investigations and uploading generic documents and external Investigation reports into patient EMR
  • Review of old clinical history and trend reports of vitals and test values using EMR View
  • Conversion of doctor prescriptions to orders
  • Automatic issue of medicines in pharmacy based on doctor prescription
  • Calculation of consulting doctor payments based on rules
  • Out Patient Reports (Doctor Consultation, Scheduled Appointments, Patient Waiting Time, OP Statistic Reports)
  • Audit log


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  • Scheduling or appointment booking for Services.
  • Registration from Scheduling
  • Direct Registration for Lab and Radiology Services
  • Ordering investigations and/or converting investigation prescriptions as order
  • Billing and Collection
  • Sample processing (auto barcode generation and printing, label printing; sample assertion, sample source, sample/specimen condition, sample recollection)
  • Gender and age specific automatic status update of normal, abnormal, critical and impossible values in entry of test results
  • Out house tests handling (CLIA
  • Number Speciation, Out House
  • Sample Print with barcode, Out
  • House Payments Auto Calculation).
  • Inventory control of Lab Reagents, X-ray Films, and service consumables.
  • Manual Test Result Entry / Interface with Uni and Bi-Directional Equipment, PACS, Third Party Imaging Solutions, HL7 Standards, , LOINC Codes and other observation codes supported
  • Reports on lab results, sms alert on report readiness
  • Accounting on consumables


  • Operations or surgery scheduling
  • Alerts to patients on appointments using alerts and messages, appointment reminders
  • Registration from scheduling, direct In-Patient registration, and Conversion of OP to IP
  • Printing of smart cards, bar codes, plastic cards with patient photos, patient label print, interface to digital signature devices
  • New case file generation, automatic requisitions for MRD case files, tracking and handing over of case files
  • IP Package Handling and Package Margin calculations
  • Handling Insurance Patients / MLC cases
  • Billing and Collection (patient category based rate plans, multiple rate plans for corporate, insurance and government schemes, deposit collection and realization, discounts based on authorization of various people, Patient Custom Period Expense Statement, Various Formats of Bill Prints such as detailed, Summary etc, Handling Billing Status like Open, Finalized and Closed, CPT codes, CGHS Codes supported )
  • Patient Payments collection using different payment modes (including bank transfers, coupons, Foreign current, etc)
  • Allocating Beds, Transfer, Shifting (Rules based auto calculation of bed charges during Shifting
  • Doctor Standing Instructions for Medicine, Investigation, Diet Prescription/ Vitals capturing.
  • Clinical Data Capturing using Hospital Specific Forms
  • Nurses Activity tracking (Nurse Notes, Doctor Instruction Follow-up, medication charts, vitals, intake-output)
  • Writing of progress notes, Doctor’s Monitoring Nurses Activities against the patients from Remote Location
  • ICD coding in MRD, Uploading Generic documents and other supportive documents
  • Comprehensive Discharge summary with various templates. Automatic entry of doctor visits, tests and medicines provided into discharge summary (Supports – Discharge Types, Discharge Summary Status)
  • Patient Settlement / Insurance Claim


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